The Online Philosophy Help Desk is a Philoactiva inter European initiative, to allow a deep dialogue during the Covid era. This service is available to anybody at no charge. The aim is to help to reconsider life’s foundations, make choices and take action.Online philosophy helpdesk critically takes into consideration what has changed in human relationships, subjective intentional horizons, and sharing cooperative activity. A sort of social disengagement took place together with a detachment from social institutions and dystonic-social behavior.The philosophical presupposition lies in the loss of the body and, accordingly, in the lack of empathy. Empathy is about perceiving others’ psychic substratum through physical contact.  Without the presence in flesh and blood, the Other can be switched off and disappear, anytime.
Therefore, the Other is an illusion, an interlocking bi- dimensional game. All this generates solitude more structured loneliness, something that closely resembles a video game rather than intersubjectivity.    The outcome is that the sense of responsibility dramatically dropped down. The Other, has not to be reached out, just switched on or off, through SMS, links, social. Disengagement excludes the fatigue of the presence, which transforms the other into an object at hand, something at our disposal inside our little practical world, depriving The Other of its own absolute transcendence of alterity.

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